Friday, 29 August 2008


Far more influential blogs than this one have written about Duo The Somerset based firm that are the only place I know of selling calf-fitting boots in a range to fit between 30-50cm. Prices are typically £150-£200 but the quality is good and my first pair has lasted two Scottish winters. This year I'm thinking of purchasing their Navarra style a suede flat heeled boot that nods to this winter's principal boy trend. The company seems to be thriving and have gone from a mail-order only business to opening several "fitting rooms" where you can be measured by a trained assistant and try on any number of styles to get a sense of how they fit. After years of boot misery I was very sceptical about the service and the fitting was probably one of the most pleasurable shopping experiences I've ever had. Now that I'm familiar with the range I'm confident enough to order by mail.

Duo have also branched out to sell width fitting shoes. This is another neglected market in the UK and they should do well. Though the styles could do with being a bit more contemporary as there is an over-abundance of the kitten heel to a degree not seen since the mid-nineties heyday of LK Bennet. Some styles like the Daisy pictured here are much more sucessful


Jennifer Brown said...

You might just have changed my life with this post! I've never been able to find boots to fit. At the moment I'm a size 20-22 but even when I was a size 14-16 I could find any high street boots that would zip up. I would have been a bit wary of just buying them online but there's an Edinburgh fitting room and the prices seem reasonable enough, so I think it's time I took a look.

Thanks for starting this blog - already you've helped me.

selve - the shoe individualizer said...

Thought you may be interested in our shoe concept - we make shoes and boots to fit. Any colour, most styles in sizes 1-11. Knee - high boots are bespoke.

Lots of customers in Scotland and Ireland. Need to visit for initial fitting thereafter orders can be made by email or telephone.

Kind regards