Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ulla Popken

Ulla Popken
is a German label who have a couple of High Street stores in the UK in Sailsbury and Walton on Thames. They also have an online presence and mail-order business. Sizes available are generally 16-34 and some trousers are available in a petite length. In terms of pricing and where they are targeting sales I'd say they are somewhere in that elusive gap between cheap and cheerful Evans and pricey and fusty Elvi. Some of the items in the catalogue are covetable with plenty of good jackets, trousers and sweatshirts. Knits are ususally in a cotton/acrylic blend. Not everything is great so you'd have to do a lot of editing, but you could find a good bit of kit from here if you were sick of trawling the high street for wearable clothes. The company also offers a monthly newsletter with special offers and online only collections.


Anonymous said...

Ulla Popken has a pretty good reputation in Germany...actually, I find it a lot easier to clothes-shop in Germany than over here. I suspect it's less to do with a more lenient attitude towards bigger sizes and more with generally baggier styles being worn by everyone, thin and curvy alike. But yeah...didn't realise UP had a presence in the UK and will certainly be looking into it!


lagatta à montréal said...

I had a beautiful black knit dress (made in Greece) from Ulla Popken - wore it out (it became far too big and baggy). I do find a lot of their clothes boxy and mumsy, but the quality is good and they do have some cute pieces if one looks carefully. Note that they also do VERY big sizes - a lifesaver for ladies who are very heavy and want to look nice.