Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bon'a parte

Bon'a parte is a mail-order company originally from Denmark who are now selling in the Uk The styling in the catalogue is a bit odd; there are a lot of printed harem trousers and the like which look "interesting" on the models but I'm not sure if this would transfer well for a jaunt down Byres Road. That said there are some gorgeous things, put together in a wearable way and available up to a UK size 26. There is also an option to buy entire outfits as pictured, which maybe takes some of the creativity out of dressing but which might work well for the seriously time challenged trying to keep up with current trends
Overall the look is a prettier version of the casual layers you get in Fat Face or that Next misinterprets every season

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Karie B. said...

The Harem thing is still huuuge in Denmark. Looks like they've just transferred their usual styling to the UK.