Monday, 27 September 2010

Frilling stuff

So, I've been reading everywhere that sleek, minimalism is the look of the season and camel is the only colour to be seen in. There is also a definite nip in the air which is good for me as I get to cover up all my extremities. Bearing all this in mind see below my latest purchase for Autumn.

I wanted to get something to mark this weekend's trip to London and alas I did not make it to Selfridges new Shoe Gallery, nor a chance to see the full Beth Ditto collection at Evans Marble Arch flagship. I also had a faint hope of visiting either Beige Plus or Wall London, but in the end my only shopping spree happened within the confines of Luton Airport.

Which brought me to this frilly, sleeveless top from Monsoon. I can't make up my mind whether it qualifies as suitable for workwear or purely weekend casual. But still I quite like the silliness of it and I'm looking forward to wearing it. Even if that happens only once.


Sarah Oliver said...


Sorry to hear you didn't find what you were looking for at Wall. Did you visit our boutique in Notting Hill?

Fashion for Aliens said...

Hi Sarah,

Sorry no I did not get to any branch of Wall, there was just no time to shop in town. Hopefully next time