Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Debenhams new Edition range

It's great when something comes along clothes wise that seems exciting and new. Just a week or two ago I was overcome with clothing blues, unsure that I'd ever get exercised enough about any range to blog about it again. But then abracadabra and Debenhams announce that they are producing a diffusion range called Edition featuring the work of some fairly edgy young British designers including Preen, Jonathan Kelsey and my favourite Jonathan Saunders whose gorgeous fluid colour-blocked columns I'd been ooh-ing over in the glossy mags since he emerged with his own line around 5 years ago.

I'll never be able to afford, nor fit into, mainline Saunders, so this is my big chance to sample the designer magic. I got a good look round the range which has just gone on retail and online sale this week and I think nearly everything in it is wonderful.  My first purchase was this dip-dye cardi
Its maybe not the most outre thing in the world and dip dye knits have been done to death by the high street already but this one is in a lovely fine viscose and the colour graduation is really subtle.  I will be perfect for workwear and summer evenings and will take place with other more statement-y pieces from the range as I add to them.

There is a good selection of superfine knits all based on the same graduations from light grey and there are sequined t-shirt dresses for those who like that sort of thing, but I'm thinking my next purchase will be this blazer, which will be getting cocktails spilled over it all summer long.
My biggest disappointment with Edition is that the sizing stops at a UK 18. Debenhams have always been faultlessly democratic offering even designer diffusion ranges like Betty Jackson Black or Rocha John Rocha up to a UK 22 with petite and tall options. They do seem to cut clothes "big" and although I'm normally a UK 20-22 I could fit into the Saunders clothes pretty well. However there is plenty of demand for larger sizes and I trust that as the popularity of ranges like this grow so too will its availability for all shapes.

I should mention that I also liked the Preen clothing I saw on sale today (alas there were no Kelsey shoes in the store I visited) there were some pretty edgy and I think quite funny pieces on sale including this grey cardigan which is similar to your standard grey cardigan as sold everywhere, apart from a row of satin cord fringing added to the back. A lot of the Preen stuff looked as though it would easily accommodate larger bodies with lots of drawstring waists and draping. 

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