Sunday, 25 September 2011

Footwear Buzz

Like Carrie Bradshaw and her cohorts I find that few things bring more uncomplicated pleasure than the purchase of footwear.  I particulary like a fine boot and so with some unspent John Lewis vouchers hanging over from my birthday I got these lovely items which I hold to be stylish, versatile and comfy.

The boots are by Fly London who describe themselves as providing "The footwear of universal youth culture" .  Someone should have a word with them about this. Fly is wildly popular with Guardian reading middle-youth types, I could bank on the fact that every time I attended a parents day at my son's school last term I'd see either one of the teachers or another parent wearing a pair of their ubiquitous wedges.  I bet you recognise these too

Fly have lots of interesting styles on their website with prices around the £100-£150 price range. I think their stuff is just as distinctive as the higher profile Camper and they are less ubiquitous than Clarks. There is a nod to Punky/New Wave influences in their distressed leather and buckle-heavy collection which makes them perfect to spice up sober daywear.


Peeriemoot said...

I looked through the Fly London website and I'm pretty sure I recognise the kids' headteacher's favourite shoes :-D.

I'm a Clarks girl myself (usually in the sale, Fly London prices are well beyond me). It's odd, I wouldn't describe myself as a shoe person but I've come to the realisation that I have very strong opinions on shoes - I look through the shoe section of the Next Directory for example, muttering 'awful, hideous, f***ing hideous, abysmal..'. My pet hate is 'toe cleavage' *shudder*.

ttFN said...

Quitel ike those boots!! x

sujith kumar said...

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