Monday, 20 February 2012

My car coat is not a silver bomber jacket

A nasty accident with a cracked paving stone and a takeaway coffee has rendered my previous favourite winter coat obsolete, so I when the rest of the fashionable world is deciding which tone of pastel will work best for them (clue-none of them, they're all hideous) I found myself looking for something to tide me over the last weeks of winter.

So I decided upon this. I'm calling it my Car Coat as that is my favourite slightly naff description for this camel beauty from ASOS Curve. Its one of only two items from the Curve collection described as "Premium" as might befit its wool and mohair blend fabric and its currently reduced from £100 to £30. It looks classic enough to last a few years, so long as I've got a fine-knit cashmere sweater and pair of slim fit jeans to wear with it should get plenty of wear.

I was browsing the ASOS website after checking out the What Size am I?  website featured in the Guardian and elsewhere last week. This useful app checks the measurements that you enter for bust, waist and hip measurements against those that a number of high street stores claim their clothes will match. Using this I found my best bets were Monsoon, ASOS and Marks and Spencer, which was pretty much what I would have predicted myself, though its close to hobson's choice at my end of the market. I'm sure that as the content matures there will be more entries and hopefully wider accurate choices for larger sizes, this is not meant as a criticism of the developer who I think has done a great service merely by demonstrating how unpredictable size labels are for all shoppers.

And so to spring and hopefully the chance to crawl out of the opaque tights and knee length boots I've been living in for the last three months. (I love 'em but I'm sick of them). Again on the ASOS site I'm liking this lighter weight coat which I think veers just to the right side of novelty dressing

As well as this there is still Marni for H+M and the Clements Ribero collaboration for Evans to come over the next two months. So there is much to look forward to without having to consider peach city shorts as a viable option.

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