Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I walk the Linea

I've always enjoyed shopping at Frasers, House of Fraser's flagship in Glasgow: it has a wonderful cosmetics hall,  a shoe dept. where I can fantasise about owning a pair of Jimmy Choos and a proper powder room. So its always been with a resigned shrug that I've walked past the two floors of women's clothing collections as there was nothing for me there at all. 

However a recent bit of idle web browsing uncovered the surprising news that their own label brand Linea has expanded its size range and now offers clothes up to a size 22.  Even better these sizes are stocked in store and are not just available mail order. There are plenty of things I'd be happy to wear from the range such as this interesting dress with a distinct whiff of Missioni  

However my first purchase was this cute summery striped top. £40 is maybe not cheap for a jersey pullover but the quality of the fabric is substantial and the bardot neck sits pretty.

All the noise about House of Fraser stores over the past few months has been about Mary Portas redesigning the middle aged woman's wardrobe. She's done a good job I've got no issues at all with her range which has recently expanded quietly (I know uncharacteristic) up to offering clothes in UK size 20. Much like Net-A-Porter who as Deena pointed out in a recent post offers clothes by Vivenne Westwood and others in a sizes much larger than might be expected. Anything that makes shopping a more interesting, less stressful experience is to be applauded and I'm delighted that I'll now be able to pick up more than just lipsticks from this glamorous store.


Kate said...

Lovely picks, that dress is incredible!

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