Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tights of might

So many things can wrong with tights that buying them can seem like an ordeal. Sagginess, chafing, rolling waistbands and holes that appear from nowhere can make these the most hated part of your lingerie wardrobe.
However if you find a pair that suits your shape then you will love them forever. Stocking up for winter now is a shopping ritual. First, check the fashion press for current trends (colour is still big as are patterns, texture not so much this year) and then you look for the best black opaques anyway.
So far this year I have gone as most everyone does to Marks & Spencer. There range is wonderful and this year is augmented by an extra-extra large size in some styles that gives some welcome choice to what is a very limited market for plus sizes. I particularly like the wide range of styles with a Bodyshaper top including those with zig-zag and diamond patterning.
However John Lewis has the edge on M&S this year with plain opaques that will fit up to a size 20 comfortably. The colours for these, including a good true black, are glowingly perfect and the fabric is durable but fits and holds it shape well.
For non-opaques I recommend Aristoc Body toner range which is like a nice pair of Spanx type thingies with tights attached which are reassuringly supportive and comfortable to wear and which come in a good selection of shaping styles High leg, low leg, tummy tuck,etc.
As an update I decided to broaden my search by trying a couple of continental pairs of black opaques bought from the UK Tights website. Classic Transparenze Sophie 70 and Cette Classic Dublin. Neither is as good as M&S or John Lewis's. The Transparenze in particular being a crotch-dangling nightmare to wear requiring frequent trips to the loo to hoist up. However the service from the website was quick and efficient if you want to try this mail-order option.

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