Monday, 2 November 2009

My New Winter Coat

I spend a lot of time surfing the web looking for new sources of distinctive clothes in larger sizes. I keep coming across the same 10-12 sites usually connected to the same mail-order group.
However it was my pleasure recently to find Curvety which I came across as one of those banner adds that skulk annoyingly at the side of your google search.
This site has a small but mostly well chosen selection of Clothes in sizes 16 up to 36 in some styles. As an example of how lovely their stock can be I direct you to the picture of my new winter coat.
Had I seen this in Monsoon or Planet I would be whooping for joy. Look at the lovely mismatched button detail and the flattering semi-princess shape with no annoying flappy belts or bits that just move around on larger bodies. I will watch this site with interest and hopefully purchase more from them


purplejen said...

OMG That's gorgeous!

unblinkered said...

Beautiful coat!

I don't know if you've investigated M&S at all recently, but their new Portfolio line is fab - not as faffy as Per Una, elegant items usually with a bit of a twist for interest, great colours (I've started wearing green again thanks to them) and flattering cuts. I fit their size 18 perfectly, with all my curves. I don't think they go past a 24, though, but I've pretty much constructed a work capsule wardrobe entirely from them!