Sunday, 2 May 2010

Clark's shoes-some summer styles that work

My resistance to gladiator sandals hardens everytime I am in a mixed crowd in sunny conditions. I recently saw an extremely chic woman dressed in a breton top, navy blazer, coral scarf and good jeans all but undone by the ugly flapping straps around her feet. The Sartorialist has yet to feature anyone stylish wearing this item.
So what then to wear on your feet in summer? I have my beloved converse, but sometimes you want to dress up a bit more so I started browsing around and found a few lovely styles, surprisingly perhaps from Clarks, the high-street staple. All are available in UK sizes 4-8, including half-sizes in a standard width-fitting.

I have purchased this pair of gentle navy wedges already. I think they'll look perfect with a pair of cropped trousers from last year and I already have a navy bag to wear with them. The style is called "Pillion Race" which I'm not quite sure makes any sense as a name, can pillions race?

There are plenty of ugly shoes in Clarks so it can feel like finding a diamond in the rough when you see something acceptable on their shelves. I've shown another couple of desirable examples below from the summer collection, all retail for about £50.
This pair reminds me of the kind of thing Faye Dunaway would have worn in Network and to me has a whisper of Roger Vivier about it.

I love the funkiness of this style which is also comes in navy suede. I like it because its a wedge which gives plenty of height but which looks pretty easy to wear.


That's Not My Age said...

Oh I love Clarks shoes - those patent wedges are fantastic - but I have to admit I've just bought another pair of flat mum shoes!

Kirstie said...

top secret: I almost always have a pair of Clark's shoes on the go - at least once a year they do something vaguely ok which I can walk in and which becomes my staple in between all the forays out in back-cripplers.

Oh look, not a secret anymore! Going to investigate those navy wedges STAT.