Sunday, 30 May 2010


This will be the least dignified blog post I am ever likely to write. Dressing can sometimes be a nasty business, especially in summer where the there is no option other than to wear fewer clothes and put more of your body on display. Some of this can be fun, in this category I would put self-tanning, body buffing, scrubbing and toenail painting; some are a bit of a chore, like constant depilation and some when you are my size at least, are just plain embarassing.

I speak of chafing, an inevitable consequence of summer temperatures coupled with the desire to wear a pretty dress. Most times in the past I have retreated into covering up areas which rub together. Evans still sell garments labelled "comfort shorts" which are really just knickers which cover your legs. They are functional but hardly exciting and you do live in fear of strong gusts of wind blowing what little cool you have away should you be caught wearing these in public.

A more modern solution is Spanx and its derivatives, of I which I have a drawer full. These are wonderful for smoothing bulges and pulling bits of you in but they are not something which I would want to wear everyday, especially in hot weather, save them for cocktail dresses and summer weddings.

So I am happy to be able to write that I have found a new option in the shape of Body Glide, a product imported from the US which comes packaged like a deodorant stick and which you simply apply to areas like your inner thighs where you are likely to rub and you can move about in comfort. So far I've used it with considerable sucess, while wearing my denim skirt today. Its not exactly been Saharan in Glasgow this weekend so I've not tested it to the limit of its abilities but I am confident that the product will work even if it needs re application.

The product is avaialble in the UK from Amazon, but I bought mine from a local independent running specialist Achilles Heel (also fine purveyors of FitFlops and Sports Bras) as the product was designed with highly toned athles in mind rather than fatties like me. Nonetheless it does the job.

So now that's out of the way here's a pic of just the kind of pretty skirt I should buy to celebrate my newly liberated legs

This Pretty Flippy Skirt is from Boden for £49.00


soCherry said...

Ah, chafing ... I suffer the same problem. No fun at all ... thanks for the tip.

I have a drawerful of figure shaping pant-things that are always far too hot to wear

The veritable knit said...

so right about shorts they are badly designed for girls with thighs, 40s style ones look as though they might be better you know the ones that are flared like a skirt but you can`t always get them. I personally attempt to avoid shorts although in the summer I generally will wear them for yoga, otherwise its too uncomfortable.