Friday, 18 June 2010

I like Woman Like Us

I'm very much in favour of a newish clothing website called Women Like Us. It features the designs of Tina Malhame who according to the site has designed for the likes of Monsoon and Marks & Spencer in the past and features a small selection of tunics and kaftans in sizes 10-22 which feature a wealth of unusual styling details that lift them into the realm of something a bit special. All their designs have sleeves (hurrah!) and necklines tend towards the modest.  There is also a selection of casual jewellery designed to complement the tops.  I would say that the clothes on the website are design rather than fashion led and would particularly suit those that love the sensual pleasure of natural fabrics and lots of textural effects such as ruffles, seaming and buttons.

I'd like to have reproduced a few images from their website but alas all are published in Flash and I can't grab stills from that format to show you, but I urge you to go and have a browse.

I can show you my new Medici Tunic which I ordered from the store at the beginning of the week and which arrived in the post within 2 days. Its a gorgeous turquoise linen with a really luxe looking bejewelled collar detail. Absolutely the perfect thing for wearing for a night out on a summer holiday.
The colour of the fabric is a bit brighter than the image shows here.
With your parcel you get a free brightly painted wooden bangle which is the kind of girly detail that further inspires  my affection for this brand. I really hope that the collection takes off and starts to include a wider range of clothing.

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