Monday, 14 June 2010

And this is me

Emboldened by some other bloggers who are far more widely read and better linked to than me I have decided to take the plunge and finally publish a photograph of me wearing some actual newly purchased clothes .

This outfit was bought, believe it or not, because I'm in a quandry about what to wear for a school trip to Alton Towers later this week. Obviously I want to be casual but still presentable at the end of a six hour bus trip to get there. I suspect that I won't wear this altogether and will probably give in to some jeans/tunic type combo but I still quite like the indivdual elements. All of which are from the Marks & Spencer Autograph range. I thought it might be interesting to compare how the items look on me with their model.

These are the Trousers which I really like though you might notice that they are coniderably less cropped on me. They have a cute peg-leg shape which is unlike anything else in my wardrobe and which does give a flattering silhouette.

I'm a bit less keen on this shrug but bought it in a fit of fear of British weather panic, in that I will always need an extra upper layer to ward off frostbite. It is a serviceable rather than a glamourous item but it does look good with the trousers. I'm also suspicious of viscose knits. i have one of those waterfall cardigans which I swear gains two inches every time I wear it out. Incidentally, I hate the way M&S have styled it over a leopard print top which to me just looks ill-matched and ugly.

Finally here is the shirt. Actually this looks better in the flesh than in either picture as it is a lovely silk/cotton mix and the shape is more like a dress with pin-tucks that puff out at the bottom. 


Charlotte said...

You look lovely - the shrug makes it, I think. More phots (my poor blog could do with a few fewer of me, but I'm working on it...)

Amy said...

Love those trousers! Nice to see your face.

Lauren said...

You look great! xx

Anonymous said...

i've not seen you in ages! loving the shirt number, all-round top outfit. well done. very suitable for alton towers - did it go down well?