Friday, 15 October 2010

H&M Hopeful & Maddening

H+M are now selling clothes online, following in the footsteps of Gap and Zara, there must be some sort of critical mass thing going on here.

The range to buy includes their BiB  line which was a very welcome presence when it pioneered plus size fashion on the high street about 20 years ago. But unfortunately they seem to have been selling EXACTLY the same clothes all that time. Thanks, but I have plenty of black and white vests and I'm just grand for voluminous kahki parkas. Occasionally though you find something pretty like this leopard print cardi which I think I'll buy

Of more interest to me is the completly unannounced information that h+m's mainline range is now available up to size 24, at least online and in some only some items. For example in this very celine-esque knitted dress which is just calling to me with its comfort-wear shawl-collar

Bloggers may also wish to note that h&m's web site has a friendly link by each garment allowing you to copy the HTML for the image direct to your own site. This is an excellent idea which I wish more retailers would use instead of having tricksy flash images which are a nightmare to copy.

So while that's all good and positive I need to have a moan about my local branch of h&m in Glasgow. I popped in last night to have a quick look at what was available in the BiB section only to find that it had disappeared. When I asked I was told that all the stock had been moved out to another branch further out of the city centre as it was selling better there.  This is just maddening, I mean would h+m move all their leggings to another location if they were selling better elsewhere?  Sometimes I think stores should just erect a sign at the door that reads "FAT CUSTOMERS NOT WELCOME HERE" it would save all the time and effort searching for something that we might just want to give them our cash for.

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Katherine said...

I really hate it when shops have their bigger/better/wider range of stuff branch out of the city centre. I'm on public transport, when Borders was still alive it was probably quicker (although not cheaper) to get the train to Glasgow than the bus to the other side of Edinburgh. And at least in Glasgow city centre there were lots of other shops I wanted to go to. Flagship stores should be in city centres. Grr.