Thursday, 18 November 2010

Thank you Mr McQueen

I am all booted up for winter. Thankfully I still have a couple of pairs of full length zip up boots from the marvellous Duo which are fine for everyday wear. If you haven't shopped with Duo before then I highly recommend them for the best fitting footwear available.

To supplement these I was looking for something in an Ugg type stylee. I well remember stomping about with freezing feet all last January and very nearly succumbed then to the Mucluk look. And when I saw this Moray Sky style in Clarks last month I absolutely fell for them.

I can tell you that they are a dream to wear, warm and comfortable, plus the elasticated button at the side means they are most accomodating to the chunky calf. I know fashion editors groan at the sight of these type of boots but they really are a wonderful triumph of comfort over style. Even on the most miserable day you feel like you are walking about in your slippers and its a strain to put anything else on your feet.

However, I have also purchased something a little bit more aethestically pleasing in the shape of these shoeboots which are part of the Autograph range from Marks & Spencer 

These come in a wide fit and are, considering the height and spindly heel, actually pretty comfortable to wear. Unlike most purchasers, I suspect, I also chose these boots as an ideal style to show off my hand knitted socks which I will wear proudly peeking out betwixt the cuff and the bottom of my jeans and or leggings (but never jeggings (shudder)).

I think that my new shoeboots are a distant, well-behaved cousin of this notorious Alexander McQueen design oft seen on the feet of Lady Gaga and other hobbling celebs 

Obviously these are a lot more extreme, but the contrast between the chunky platform toe and the stiletto heel is still there and this helps to flatter the leg giving an illusion of lengthening and while walking about I can imangine myself as some sort of forest dwelling creature, daintly stepping about amongst the undergrowth. Or something equally daft. So you see practicality and fantasy in the same post.

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sarah said...

i ordered a pair of duo boots yesterday. expensive, but worth it!