Sunday, 28 February 2010


Presenting my new shoes, from Evans which I purchased yesterday. Pretty aren't they. But where the flippity am I actually going to wear them? And with what? Still its lovely to buy something that has a bit of colour to it, prancing about the house in them last night was spirit-lifting in itself.
I have to say sadly these were about the only thing in Evans that I wanted to buy. What with the relaunced blog and images from the spring catalogue that were light years ahead of the usual poly-jersey tat that the shop sells I was hopeful for better things. But I still found the selection very conservative and uninspiring and worst of all the quality of the materials used was pitiful. Print dresses that look pretty from a distance as you get closer show signs of limpness and lacklustre colour that would get considerably worse after a couple of washes (see how middle-aged I am).

I was unexpectedly in search of colour yesterday on a quick shopping trip into town which saw me purchase a green stripy cardigan from Betty Jackson Black (pic hopefully to follow) This makes it the third green cardigan in a row I've bought to celebrate spring. It must say something about me. Also whilst looking at depilators in Boots I was accosted by a young Benefit salesgirl who persuaded me to sample their lovely new Sugarbomb blush 
Four colours in one-how could I resist?  


weeseaweed said...

you could wear them to knit in tomorrow? green is always a good colour to have plenty of.

Sarah said...

Love these shoes! I'm a sucker for anything pink :) but anyway, you can wear these with some skinny jeans and just a simple black top to spice up an otherwise plain outfit. Add some pink accessories, and perhaps also a pink accented bag. Perfect for a night out I think!

That's Not My Age said...

Hello Fashion for Aliens! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I think the new shoes would look good with a pair of black cigarette pants - or a classic black dress and black opaques. Maybe save the green cardigan for another day!